Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A couple of months ago, my editor told me that Urban Outfitters was going to start carrying my book at some of their stores. Kind of a test run that would hopefully lead to it being carried in all of their stores. We didn't know which stores or when this would happen.

And that's the last I heard about it.

Until today when a gal who I met last year at the Miami Book Fair sent me a message letting me know that she saw my book at Urban Outfitters. So... I guess the plan is in action.

Hooray! So... consider doing me a favor and going to your local UO and seeing if my book (Punk Rock Etiquette) is carried there. If so, pick up a copy, take a step to the side as not to block the books on the shelf, and laugh loudly as you flip through it. Repeat until someone notices, picks up a copy, and takes it to the register. And hey, don't get me wrong. That person taking a copy to the register can definitely be you.

Thank you.


al oof said...

but they're evil!


i like applejuice said...

next stop - hot topic!

Anonymous said...

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