Monday, July 13, 2009

at the bank

teller: How was your weekend?
me: Pretty good. How was yours?
teller: Short.
me: I hear that. (or something)
teller: I have split shifts. It makes the weeks shorter, but it makes the weekends shorter, too.
me: Oh. So life is just flying by.
teller: Yeah, which I guess is nice.
me (to self): Oh... Dear God.


Anonymous said...

i dont know who u r but ...hi xP

rhonda turnbough said...

you once chided me for not updating my blog...ha!...ha, ha, ha. you are the worst!

i like applejuice said...

i... don't know what to say. my life... my life...

rhonda turnbough said...

oh travis. i will continue to check back every five minutes to see if you've updated it yet.