Monday, November 9, 2009


I made a doodlin' zine. It's full of pictures of monster heads, torsos, legs, arms, wings, etc. etc. that YOU can finish. I gave out preliminary versions to trick-or-treaters (along with candy, of course), and it went over well.



rhonda turnbough said...

THAT'S awesome. LINK LINK LINK! also i want one..

Cherry Woodburn said...

Great idea and I liked the way you showed it on your blog. I put your link on my facebook page for my 'friends' to see.
Cherry Woodburn, friend of Rhonda Turnbough and mother of Seth Whaland (wonder if I have an identity in my own right.)

stellatex said...


Sylvia said...

What a creative idea for trick or treaters.. I like to give odd things as well. Candy is too cliche. This year I gave cigars.


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Praveen RS said...

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